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How can the answer be improved?Tongue Injuries. If a horse picks up a sharp object, such as a piece of wire, with his hay or feed, it may cut or become embedded in his tongue. Also, some wild grasses, such as foxtails, produce sharp, spiky seedheads called awns that can cause tongue sores and ulcers. We often see foxtail abscesses in horse tongue color

Jan 22, 2019 Equine Tongue Tells All. Great importance is placed on the color, texture, and coating. For example, a red tongue with a yellow coating indicates the presence of heat in the body. This can appear as a result of inflammation, infection, or excessive dryness. The tongue of a horse with anhidrosis is both dry and red,

Chestnut is a dark red horse (with very dark horses being called liver chestnuts) and sorrel is a lighter red color. Flaxen Chestnut refers to a horse that is chestnut based with a flaxen or lighter mane and tail, but not white. These horses are sometimes mistaken as palominos; however, 13. Foreign bodies such as thorns, twigs and the awns of some wild grasses can become lodged in the tongue. 14. Younger horses and foals in particular tend to nibble and chew on things they shouldnt, so check hay for foreign objects and remove any debris from your tongue color Jun 05, 2013 Horses tongue I noticed my horse was backing way off the bit on Monday in the arena. Just thinking this is another one of her curve balls, I didn't put much thought into it other than I'd have to work on my forward.

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Jul 10, 2013 Just to fill you all in, my horse had an allergic reaction recently. A part of the left side of his face swelled and he had difficulty eating grass initially (I witnessed a couple of grass balls drop out of his mouth). He also had a brown tongue with scablike sores on the tip. horse tongue color

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