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2020-02-17 01:34

The implications of colors effect on peoples emotions are far reaching, and understanding your customers connections to certain colors could increase the effectiveness of your companysIllinois Identity Standards Logos and Colors. For identity information that is not covered in this brand guide, please reference For questions or feedback regarding the standards, please contact logos and colors

Colors are an important aspect of your brands identity. When you create a logo, you should take some time to consider what each color says about your company. Understanding the right blend of colors can help you better communicate your message.

Selecting a color palette is one of the most impactful choices you can make while developing your brand aesthetic. Choosing the right logo colors can highlight your What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic) Thats because different colors are associated with different feelings. The Incredible Way Your Brain 'Sees' a Logologos and colors Jan 24, 2013  This infographic from Logo Company, a logo design firm, helps clearly illustrate what emotions are invoked by certain colors using the logos from

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How can the answer be improved? logos and colors Black is the absence of color, and white is a combination of all colors. Technicalities aside, though, black and white along with other neutral hues make for striking logos. Black is professional and credible, but it can be edgy as well.

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