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2020-02-20 17:32

I found the color buddy in the hole under the rock, but can't find the second one. Any suggestions? I found the color buddy in the hole under the rock, but can't find the second one.Unlock hidden Color Buddies, locate puzzle pieces, and enjoy new drawing pencils for Wires, Eggs, and Ice! This is an experience like no other, personalized by you! DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2 is the sequel youve been waiting for and is sure to offer hours of entertainment to avid draw a stickman epic 2 color buddies

Where are the color buddies in each level starting with 'Buckets and Bunnies , Draw a Stickman: Epic Questions and answers, iPhoneiPad

Find all of the color buddies hidden throughout Epic! Earn this in the Draw a Stickman: Epic Walkthrough Unlocked by 1, 012 tracked gamers (24 TA Ratio 2. 04) 4, 223 Match 3 or more Color Buddies in this mobile puzzle game and advance through its vibrant wordls! All New Adventures! Embark on a brand new quest with the Color Buddies! Can you rescue them all from the Evil Ink? All New Worlds! Encounter challenging, unique obstacles in each and every world! Tons of levels, tons of colors, tons of fun!draw a stickman epic 2 color buddies Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 is a unique adventure game that allows you complete creative freedom as you guide your Stickman through a fantastic world filled with amazing creatures! Use an assortment of pencils, tools, and weapons to save your Friend from the evil ink!

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Episode 4 Buckets N' Bunnies. Color Buddy is on your way. Draw a lightning cloud on the fire rock trap to get there safely. Open the container either with fire or a lightning cloud to reveal the toaster. Draw a lighning cloud above the water to change the direction of the plank and get the Puzzle Piece. draw a stickman epic 2 color buddies Epic Throwback I love how you made a new game out of draw a Stickman Epic 2! It felt awesome to me when I just started playing the game when the icon for a new game apeared. I felt like this was just what I needed to get myself going. I love how you made it say save Cuddle Buddies instead of just clear the ink. Level 4: color buddies. The other is wandering around near the top of the level in an evil bushling mask (so they don't get him). Turn all the evil bushlings good by raining on the small bushlings or beating the evil ones with a sword and he'll feel safe enough to take off his mask See more of Draw a Stickman Adventures on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. Draw a Stickman Adventures. January 31, 2013 Color buddies have been spotted in the world of Epic! See how many of these friendly little guys you can find in the upcoming update! Coming soon! Color buddiesEdit. Color buddies are cute little guys that give you new colors for you to draw new stickman's with. But you can only find them by erasing and drawing stuff that are in the level. ( mostly by erasing stuff AKA destroying stuff. ) Plus, there is a way to upset them. When you do, they make a awllllllll sound and turn blackish.

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