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The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes (And Were Not Just Talking About Purple) Weve rounded up our favorite palettes (and two very special eyeshadow singles) ahead, so your next eyeshadow makeup look will be a breeze.The Best Eye Makeup for Green Eyes: Black Liquid Eyeliner Before you give us a big old duh at our black liquid eye liner suggestion, hear us out. While black is a staple no matter what your eye color is, it works wonders on green eyes for creating that enviable alluring gaze. color eyeshadow looks best green eyes

Makeup ideas for green eyes. Use medium colors in the eye crease, and not dark colors in the crease. Less is more with this eye shape. Large Eyes: To make the eye appear smaller, use dark colors on the eyelid and eye crease. Round Eyes: Place your eyeshadow color

Aug 05, 2010  Best Answer: For green eyes I love shades of purpleamythyst, royal purple, etc. These jewel tones pick up the little gold flecks in green eyes and make them shine! Also browns that have a shimmery or bronze look to them will add depth to your eyes, therefore bringing your eye color Best Eyeshadows to Enhance Blue Green Eyes. The primary colors are blue, yellow, and red. Secondary colors are orange, violet, and green. You mix primary colors to make secondary shades. So you would mix blue and yellow to make green, red and yellow tocolor eyeshadow looks best green eyes Feb 01, 2019 Green eyes look lovely with both plums and lilacs. You can also emphasize your eyes by wearing deep greens, yellow, and coral. For a complementary look, choose colors that look nice with your skin tone. If your skin is warm, yellow or coral may look best. Cool skin tones will be flattered by violet or grape shades.

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Smokey grey eyeshadow. This color actually works both on green and blue eyes, and if you have green eyes that have blue streaks in them, youre in luck. But keep something in mind: grey is not the same thing as silver! They are completely different shades, and silver will not have the same effect on green eyes. color eyeshadow looks best green eyes Mar 27, 2008 The Best Color Mascara: Black The Worst Color Mascara: Brown The Eye Look To Try: Ocean Eyes (Hues Of Blues), Cat Eye, Smokey Eye (Try the Green Effect), Fairy Eye (Playful Colors With Glitter), Safari Eye (Golds And Greens), Barbie Doll Eyes (The 3 Tones Of Pinks Light On Entire Eye, Darkest Pink Shades On Lid).

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