What colors match with navy blue shirt

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Sep 29, 2018 How to Coordinate Colors. Author Info. Don't pair it with navy blue. They are too close, but not quite to look good together. The other is brown. Don't pair black with brown unless you're really really certain. The goldenrod is a darker value of color than the pale blue shirt (one is more pastel, the other is more bright).Aug 19, 2015  Because navy blue can be considered a base tone such as black, there are a variety of colors that compliment it. Bright or solid red, gray, light blues, white, blaze orange, deep pink, fuchsia, eggplant, magenta, periwinkle, pine green, orange yellow, black, what colors match with navy blue shirt

Step 1. An analogous color scheme would be a dark blue suit, light blue shirt or blouse and a red tie or scarf. For complimentary colors, try a navy suit, light blue shirt or blouse and an orange tie or scarf. Other complimentary colors with navy blue are rust and gold.

If pairing a navy shirt with white bottoms makes you feel like heading for the deck of a catamaran, go with the nautical trend. Sailing colors can look chic if you don't go overboard. Pair your navy shirt with white shorts or capri pants, adding sandals or canvas slipons in white, navy or a combination of the two. How can the answer be improved?what colors match with navy blue shirt The first thing you want to do is create a contrast with the navy blue color. The easiest ways for you to day that is to stick with dress shirts in light tones. You cannot go wrong with either a white or light blue dress shirt to go with your blazer. In addition to creating a contrast also aim to make it subtle.

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Jul 28, 2013 What color best matches navy blue? In a couple weeks I'll be going back to school and I want to get toms that match well with our uniform. Our uniforms consist of a navy blue collared shirt or a dark gray collared shirt and khaki bottoms (as in pants, skirts, shorts, ect. what colors match with navy blue shirt Navy blue is considered a neutral color, so it goes with a wide spectrum of other colors. Best Bets. Light blue shirts go especially well with navy blue jackets; they are With the right trousers, you can wear a navy blue shirt all year, provided it is made of a suitable fabric blend such as cotton and polyester. For all seasons, blue jeans are an easy styling option for a more casual look. Choose a wash lighter than the color of your shirt one that provides contrast. Nov 29, 2010 What color shirtjacket matches navy blue khakis well? What color of dress shirt and tie will match my navy blue suit jacket? More questions. What shirt and pants would match this jacket. i bought it in the navy color? Will A Black Dress Shirt With Black Dress Pants and A Navy Sport Jacket Match? What Color Goes with Navy Blue: Outfits. Navy blue shirtdress with brown clutch this is a beautiful ensemble. Navy blue blazer with white shirt and white pumps look sexy and stylish. Navy blue jacket with white blouse and nude heels. Outfit is perfect for office. Navy blue clutch with golden and navy blue striped skirt: it is perfect image for

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