What color shirt goes with grey blazer

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Depending on the tone you choose you can go for different vibes, and a light grey blazer and trousers will work perfectly with a white shirt for a light, summery look. If you can't get yourself trousers in the same shade of grey as your blazer then make sure you're choosing trousers in a darker shade.Dec 15, 2013 The great thing about a grey sportcoat, or a grey cardigan etc. is that it is a neutral color that goes with (almost) anything. Depending on your situation you can have a solid shirt or a subtle patterned shirt in nearly any color (except grey unless you want a monochromatic look). what color shirt goes with grey blazer

The solid colored blazer. You can go for pale colors such as pale blue, pale yellow etc. Another thing you can do is go for patterned shirts with your blackbluegray blazer. I usually wear my black blazer with a checked shirt (white shirt blue checks) or a striped shirt (light blue and blue alternating stripes).

Mar 23, 2012 Gray goes great with a peach or pale pink shirt, or even a purple shirt. If you're male, wear a darker color tie in the same color range. Avoid wearing yellow with gray. What to Wear with Grey Pants. Pair grey jeans with a Tshirt and sneakers for a stylish casual look. Opt for light grey pants in summer or for relaxed occasions. Choose dark grey pants in winter or as an alternative to black pants for formal events.what color shirt goes with grey blazer As such, a light grey blazer is a perfect option for functions throughout summer and spring. To nail the look, just remember to keep the rest of your outfit in similar tones. Try opting for white trousers with a light blue shirt for a fresh look or beige chinos with a white shirt for a slightly warmer appearance.

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Keep the accessories the same colour as the shirt but go darker shades, leaving the shirt lighter. For example, pastel blue shirt and navy pocket square and tie. what color shirt goes with grey blazer How can the answer be improved? Apr 07, 2016 For Dapper look You can go for Grey Cream color shirt your dark blazer Trick is using subtle colors in lower layering ( shirts, tees ) and darker colors in upper layering (Jacket, coat) For Vibrant look Burnt orange, Olive in lower layering and light shade on upper layering The sweater should by lightly knit or woven to remove bulk. Darker colored sweaters are solid choices but should not blend in too deeply with the navy blue blazer unless you have a darker complexion or dark hair. Grey to lightgrey is an ideal sweater color. Avoid matching a turtleneck with a blazer. Menswear has to find a good balance between the dominant colors of the suits and shirts and the accent colors of things like neckties, pocket squares, and jewelry. Combining colors tastefully is one of the hallmarks of the truly welldressed man. Base Color: The Foundational Colors For Men. Color comes from every item you put on your body.

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