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Last Monochrome episode Season 6 finished 21 June 1969 in B& W with the third Wargames episode and ended Patrick Troughton's tenure as the second doctor. 3 Jan 1970. Starring John Pertwee as the doctor, it was the first Dr. Who episode in colour.The first episode of Doctor Who in full colour was Spearhead from space episode 1 . It was the first episode of the 7th season and the first episode with Jon Pertwee as The Doctor. The first episode of Doctor Who in full colour was Spearhead from space episode 1 . first doctor who episode in color

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The first colour episode was part 1 of Spearhead from Space which aired on 3rd Jan 1970. It was the opener of Season 7& the first adventure to feature Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor. The colorised First Doctor, William Hartnell. Its always a tough sell to convince fans of classic old monochrome film or television that the best thing to do is color it in.first doctor who episode in color First Doctor. The series' first episode opens with a pair of schoolteachers in contemporary (1963) London, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, investigating the mystery of Susan, a student who seems confused and even frustrated at how what she is learning in

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The first episode of Doctor Who to be broadcast in colour was the first part of the Third Doctor's first story, 'Spearhead from Space broadcast on the January 3rd 1970. Since then all episodes of Doctor Who have been broadcast in colour, with the 50th anniversary special, first doctor who episode in color May 19, 2013 The doctor shown is William Hartnell (the first doctor). AFAIK, there is no actual color footage of him in the role (I believe the first color footage dates from the thrid doctor). In the scenes where you can see his face, it's real Hartnell footage that's been colorized, the background removed, and his character dropped into the scene. The First Doctor. William Hartnell Doddering. Hmmn. Hmmn. Hmmn. Yes. Go forward in all your beliefs. The Pilot Episode An Unearthly Child The Daleks The Edge of Destruction Marco Classic Doctor Who: The First Doctors Essential Episodes Characteristics: The First Doctor is a fussy, elderly grouch with luxuriant silver locks, a deceptively frail form, and an often The first color episode of Doctor Who aired in 1970, meaning that the first two Doctors spent their entire runs in black and white. One fan decided to give William Hartnell's First Doctor a moment

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