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Nov 09, 2010 Semen is the fluid that carries the sperm, which are too small to see. The Semen is full of nutrients that are required to feed and protect the sperm while on its journey to the female productive organs. Normally the color of semen is varying shades of white to a light gray. This is considered the healthy color for semen.Causes of yellow semen. The urethra is the tube that urine and semen pass through, so urine may mix with semen to change the colour. Although semen is usually a whitishgray color, some men may have sperm that is yellow. However, if yellow semen represents a significant color change for a man, this could be cause for concern. odd colored sperm

Mar 31, 2017  Top 10 Strangest Sperm In The World. Monte L. Richard II March 31, 2017. Share 118. Stumble. Scientists have found some odd molecules in Anopheles gambiae males that are normally associated with the females sense of smell. Only female mosquitoes sniff out blood, which they need for their eggs. The sperm had destroyed the

Yellow Semen. Theres no need to be alarmed if your semen comes out a yellowish color. In fact, its very normal. As men get older the hue of the semen also changes. If you havent had an ejaculation in a long time you could also experience a yellow tint to your semen. Its a good idea to take a leak before you engage in intercourse. A Color Semen Shouldnt Be. If its some shade of pink that means blood is mixing with the semen. The medical name for the condition is hematospermia. We believe the condition is common, but the prevalence of hematospermia is very difficult to calculate for the simple reason that many men ejaculate while inside their partner and, hence,odd colored sperm How can the answer be improved?

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Feb 04, 2019 The first one that comes to mind is gonorrhea but I'm sure that others, like chlamydia and syphilis can cause green semen too. But if that's the case, green semen probably won't be the only symptom. You would also experience burning while urinating and odd colored or odd smelling discharge aside from semen. odd colored sperm Why Is Male Ejaculate Usually White? . Semen is comprised of sperm cells in a formula of liquids from different glands in the body, which includes sugars and proteins to feed the sperm as they try to make a long difficult journey up to the egg. While some people might believe that semen is white due to sperm cells, this is not true. Hi. My sperm is an odd color. Not clear nor white. It is almost a light brown color. We first noticed this last week, and check it again today with the same result. I plan on seeing a specialist about Not absolutely sure I agree with the answer below, it could be an infection so you may want to get tested. Sometimes my sperm takes on a dark yellowish color. It could be the lighting in the room, florescent lights will often cause proteins to take on odd colors. His Jan 02, 2017 My Semen Is An Odd Color? by quinton Mon Jan 02, 2017 12: 25 am I think you are O. K. but from my experiences it should stay the normal colour and optical clarity, if it continues like that maybe go see a doctor.

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