Creamy layer limit for obc in karnataka

2020-02-27 15:08

Feb 15, 2018 Karnataka Budget 2018: Creamy Layer Income Limit For Backward Class Category Increased To 8 Lac Karnataka Budget:Jan 27, 2009 State to raise creamy layer cap. Taking a cue from the Centre increasing the creamy layer limit (annual income limit) of OBC employees to Rs 4. 5 lakh the Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes has recommended the state government increase the ceiling similarly. Currently, the cap is Rs 2 lakh, which was fixed six years ago. creamy layer limit for obc in karnataka

Aug 23, 2017  The ministry of social justice and empowerment had proposed that OBC families which earn more than Rs 8 lakh per year should be classified as 'creamy layer' the ceiling which bars members of the other backward classes from availing reservations in employment. By: PTI New Delhi Published: August 23, 2017 9: 36: 58 pm.

Sep 13, 2017  2. It has now been decided to raise the income limit from Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh per annum for determining the creamy layer amongst the Other Backward Classes. Accordingly, the expression Rs. 6 lakh under Category VI in the Schedule to this Departments aforesaid O. M. dated 8 th September, 1993 would be substituted by Rs. 8 lakh. 3. What is the income limit for non creamy layer for OBC candidates? # 2 15th August 2011, 11: 10 PM Has the government of Karnataka increased the limit of income of parents of OBC students to 4. 5 Lakhs? Has the government of Karnataka increased the limitcreamy layer limit for obc in karnataka Apr 16, 2017 Government moved the proposal to hike the creamy layer income limit for OBC quota to 8 lakh INR in 2016 which would bring in more individuals who are eligible for reservation through OBC quota. I am not sure whether this proposal got through or not.

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Non Creamy layer Income limit means 8 lakhs per annum for the last three preceeding years for availing Noncreamy layer in the current year (i. e. 8 lakhs, 8 lakhs and 8 lakhs). If any one year income is below 8 lakhs out of preceeding three years incomes. it qualifies for noncreamy layer at creamy layer limit for obc in karnataka Jun 30, 2008  Karnataka. Tamil Nadu. In a move that could allow reservation benefits to a larger section of Other Backward Classes (OBC), the upper income limit for creamy layer I m from Karnataka. My parents both of them are working. Father is a clerk and mother is a primary school teacher. Their income is around 8 lakhs. Do I come under non creamy layer or creamy layer Both of them are Karnataka state government employees. Their total income is 8 lakhs. Sep 19, 2016 Apply Online for Non Creamy Layer Certificate Application Form& Required Documents List with Registration Procedure in Atalji Janasnehi Kendra Nadakacheri ankit. tyagi Tech Support Staff Member Sep 13, 2017  In 1993, the limit was kept at 1 lakh. It was raised thrice to 2. 5 lakh in 2004, 4. 5 lakh in 2008 and 6 lakh in 2013. The creamy layer ceiling for OBC reservation has been raised to 8 lakh per year, according to an official order issued on Wednesday.

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