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Aug 15, 2016 How I created my birch tree camping cake using Shawna McGreevy's tutorial and adapting it for buttercream! For more info on this cake, including supplies used, visitSTEP 1: ICE CAKE. Remove from the fridge and ice just the sides of the cake in white buttercream, leaving the top empty. This doesn't have to be perfectly smooth because you'll be covering it with birch bark soon. Ice the top of the cake with the light brown buttercream then take a tapered spatula or butter knife and create grooves in the top to mimic tree rings. birch tree cake buttercream

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Jan 26, 2017 EXPAND THE BOX all buttercream birch tree stump cake decorating tutorial, with no piping tips required just disposable piping bags& cones! For some reason I find this one of my most Winter Berry Birch Bark Cake. Using bag with tip 1 and black icing, pipe details on trees and branches. Using tip 12 and ivory icing, pipe mound of icing at bottom, middle and top of cake. Use mound to hold foodsafe flowers and sage leaves. Insert uncooked spaghetti noodle into cranberry; insert into cake. Repeat with desired amount of cranberries.birch tree cake buttercream Oct 29, 2016  Youll fall in love with these simple but effective techniques for creating a buttercream birch tree cake! Birch tree cake designs have gone from trendy to mainstay, especially for weddings cakes, with more and more couples opting for natureinspired wedding details.

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Aug 14, 2016 Back to the birch bark cake. After feeling frustrated with the lack of ideas to achieve what I was picturing, I decided maybe I needed to find a fondant birch bark tutorial and figure out a way to translate it into buttercream. birch tree cake buttercream Birch Tree Cake Tutorials A collection of the best birch tree cake tutorials from around the web with images. Birch Tree Cakes Woodland Cake Woodsy Cake Rustic Cake Cake Icing Buttercream Cake Fondant Cakes Cupcake Cakes Fondant Cake Tutorial Woodland Birch Bark Cake Tutorial. Woodland Birch Bark Cake made with butter cream frosting. This buttercream or frosting cake is beautiful on its own and also makes a great background for an intricate sugar craft sculpture like my woodland mouse, meringue mushrooms or sugar ferns. Aug 09, 2012 Woodland Cake in Buttercream free tutorial. My fern color was a combination of leaf green coloring and a very small amount of brown coloring. I applied the ferns to the cake immediately. Then, I added further detail with a paint that I created on my artists palette with vodka mixed with a little leaf green, a little Americolor Electric Green, Use a fork to make rings in the wood. Ice the cake roughly with grey buttercream. You want some uneven texture to mimic birch tree bark. Use black to pipe features in the bark, then spread some using a spatula as shown. Pipe leaves in the medium caramel brown shade and freeze solid. Dust with powder colours as shown.

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