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2020-02-25 13:17

does anyone think it's a possibility that Burgerpants' real name is Kobi? I'm asking because I'm reading a fanfiction called The Call Of A Mute Heart , it's a Mettaton x mute reader story, and it mentions Burgerpants' real name is Kobi.FollowFav Burgerpants VS The World! By: My second Undertale fanfic staring Burgerpants and Catty along with Bratty and Nice Cream Guy, rated M for scant few scenes. Title is a reference to Scott Pilgrim. this time with one of the if not the most underrated couple of this fandom Cattypants (Catty x Burgerpants) also unlike most of my nice cream guy x burgerpants fanfiction

Anonymous said: gimme more of that nice cream guy x burgerpants ples Answer: youre forcing me to post this Burgerpants and Nice Cream Guy comic I should not adore them this much there's no reason whatsoever why # wattpad# fanfic El cientfico W. D. Gaster siempre se ha mantenido aislado de todo lo que no se relacionara con su

Forums Romantic Undertale Trash RP BurgerPants x Nice Cream Guy (PandaSpunder) [RATED M FOR LEMON Panda. exe I though of an AU where BurgerPants is a life guard and Nice Cream Guy pretend to drown to get CPR from BurgerPants. Undertale Nice Cream Guy x Burgerpants NicePants arszanka: i sinned have some nicepants nicepants Tumblr. HelloThis is my first comic in my life. this shot i got from one beautiful undertale fanfiction. Through Hollow Eyesby tsuki th. valeria venturo. sans de los universos alternos.nice cream guy x burgerpants fanfiction we met at the burger shop (a burgerpants x nice cream guy fanfic) Humor ((from ncg's pov)) It sterted with a business trip, and the story unfolded into picture perfect scenarios. i loved burgerpants. does he love me back? ? Sanfics book 1# burgerpants# dankfiction# fanfiction# humor# undertale

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Nice Cream Guy figures out why Burgerpants isn't returning his affections. Language: English Words: 1, 116 Chapters: 22 Comments: 1 This is my first fanfiction on AO3, so constructive criticism is appreciated! BurgerpantsNice Cream Vendor (Undertale) (102) AlphysUndyne (Undertale) (60) nice cream guy x burgerpants fanfiction It's just that, Nice Cream Guy quietly said, Every single day, I wave at everyone. Ive noticed that when people get waved at and smiled at, they seem to brighten up a little. # fanfic# fluff# nicepants# undertale# mettaton# burgerpants# nicecreamguy# fanfiction# undertalegame# undertalegame# mettatonundertale. I know I Jun 14, 2016 Search People Fiction Fanfiction Nonfiction Quizzes Close. X. Sort. character you are! Does not include Asriel, Chara, Frisk, Gaster, or minor characters (monster kid, napstablook, nice cream guy, burgerpants, etc. ) Add to library 9 Discussion 21 Browse more He was tall, was a nice, defined jawline. Short, slicked back brown hair, and Read Nice Cream Guy X Burgerpants from the story My Opinion on Undertale Ships (COMPLETED) by Aristeroid (Smiley Trashbag) with 345 reads. sansxgrillby, mettat Short Stories Fanfiction Reader One Shot X Reader More. . Report. T T Info. Some Romantic Advice (Burgerpants x Reader) Undertale x Reader Stories You Warm My Heart (Nice Cream Guy x Reader) MusicMistress. NG'S POV

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