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I love Amul ice cream and my family two. I ate many times it have very good taste. There are many types of ice cream. Like vanila, black forest, butter scotch, chocolate, strawberry etc. All product of anul are of very high quality and tasty. Amul ice cream. . . Is very testyAmul ( 118) AMULCheese SlicesAmul Cheese Slices 100 gm Pouch 100 gm Pouch Rs. 69 SuperSave Rs. 7 AMULCheese SlicesAmul Cheese Slices 200 gm Pouch 200 gm Pouch Rs. 111 AMULCheese SlicesAmul Cheese Slices 750 gm Pouch 750 gm Pouch Rs. 346 AMULMasti Buttermilk SpiceAmul Masti Buttermilk Spice 200 ml Carton 200 ml amul ice creams list

More than 800 cities across India at Amul Preferred Outlets, Amul Scooping Parlours, retail shops, vending push carts, hotels, restaurants, canteens, caterers etc. Click here to know more about Amul Ice Cream .

Buy all types of Amul Ice Creams from us for great price. Products inclusive of cups, cones, family packs, sticks, bars, Bulk 4 and 5 liter packs, tubs, caterrer packs are available at wholesale price. Jan 08, 2018  Amul EPIC is a rich ice cream product, containing Belgian chocolate. The product comes with dual layers ice cream as inner layer along with chocolate covering. It has a number of energygiving ingredients, such as, milk solids, cocoa butter, sugar, liquid glucose, vegetable oils etc. Amul EPIC is available in multiple flavors Strawberryamul ice creams list Amul Ice cream Scream For Amul Ice Cream! Ice cream is made from the dairy product such as milk and cream the favorite dessert of people of all age group. Most varieties of ice creams are combined with sugar, fruit and dry fruits to add flavors. Ice creams are mass produced and

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2011 GCMMF All Rights Reserved. amul ice creams list In the world of Amul Ice Cream, happiness and excitement go handinhand with good health and delicious flavours. Crofted with the finest natural ingredients, Amul Ice creams will simply melt in your mouth leaving a smooth aftertaste. it's perfect for your taste buds. Oct 18, 2018 I do not know about Amul brand of Ice Cream. I study chemistry and I would like to try to answer your question. So E471 is mainly produced from vegetable oils, although animal fats are sometimes used and cannot be completely excluded as being present in the product.

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