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Circle Lenses. Brand Geo Medical EOS Vassen G& GDueba Barbie Fynale Dolly Eye Twilight Honoo Color Black Brown BlueAqua Gray Green Pink Red White YellowGold Violet Halloween& Anime Lens Accessories; Beauty. BB Cream Mask False Eyelashes Eye Makeup Beauty Accessories Eye CareFeb 01, 2014 WTF Circle Lens Eye Damage: My Story Duration: Desio Contatcts Lens Vs Solotica Contacts How Natural do they look& compare? COLOR CONTACTS! Duration: 4: 59. geo tri color brown circle lens

You will get three color shades in one lens with the outer black rim, the inner light color and the outer dark shade, this is an amazing thing. It comes in different colors like tri color blue, tri color brown, tri color gray, try color green circle lenses, tri color green contacts tri color violet, tri color world brown, tri color

Jul 09, 2017  These lenses are very natural and s Use code MICHELLEK for 10 off 40 at eyecandys. com! Hope you guys enjoy this review of the GEO TriColor Brown lenses. Geo Tri Color Blue Circle Lenses. 3 colors of cobalt blue, light blue and brown combined in well creates mysterious subdued effect and makes different mood depending on lighting. Geo Magic Color Berry Cessy Blue Circle Lenses is also sure wellblended with exotic makeup style. Life span of these amazing transparent blue lens is one year disposal.geo tri color brown circle lens GEO TriColor Brown Prescription Colored Contacts. With a lens diameter of 14. 2 your eyes will be sparkling in a lovely, natural way without looking artificial and the 38 water content will keep your eyes moist and itchfree for hours and hours. These prescription colored contacts are manufactured by industry legends GEO Medical,

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How can the answer be improved? geo tri color brown circle lens Geo Tri Color Brown This colored contact lens is best used as Anime Contacts for character Aloy, Aucun, Belle, Sakura, Lara Croft, KOUSAKA REINA, Mitsuha Miyamizu (Kimi No Na Wa), dazai, Naruto and Goro Puffy 3 Tone, GEO tri tone, brown circle lens, GEO Medical, GEO circle lenses, Korea circle lenses, colored contact lenses The Geo tri color has three color shades in one lens; the outer black rim, the inner light color and the outer dark shade. It comes in five different colors of grey, brown, green, blue and purple. It is guaranteed to fit your eyes perfectly with a 14mm diameter and 8. 60mm base curve. Geo Tricolor is one of the bestselling contact lenses feature its cool 3tone design. It makes your eyes look mysterious and fashionable. I have tanned skin and naturally dark brown eyes. I thought this color would look strange and yet, I received many compliments on the color and how natural it looked. I really wanted to like these

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