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2020-02-17 00:07

Siamese fighting fish, commonly known as betta fish, are brightly colored small tropical fish. Males are the more vivid in color, while females coloration is subdued. Sometimes bettas change color. A betta fish may change color for a few reasons, among them stress, illness and age.In order to improve fading color in aquarium fish it is important to offer a varied diet of live, frozen and freezedried foods that are full of the colorboosting nutrients aquarium fish need. Another possible cause of fading color in aquarium fish is inadequate tank lighting. betta fish colors fading

Dec 05, 2017 Baby Betta Bloated, Fading, Lethargic! in Betta Fish forum I recently got a baby Betta from petco about 3 weeks ago. Baby Betta Bloated, Fading, Lethargic! Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by allbettanow, Dec 5, 2017. He has also been hanging out near corners of the tank and his color seems a burr lighter. He still swims to

Dec 28, 2002  Help with betta fishloses color? I bought a male betta fish Dec. 18th, and he seemed to be doing pretty good. However, several times a day he loses his color, and goes from red to 2 parrot fish have color fade in past two days with spots of their orange color still visible.betta fish colors fading Apr 06, 2009  Loss of color. Keep in mind that it is normal for a bettas color to change slowly as it ages and older bettas will often get a beard or an area under the mouth that becomes dull or gray in color. Again, this happens slowly as bettas mature. Rapid color loss may signal illness or a visual sign that the water is inadequate. Test your aquariums water.

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Fade Color Loss, Fading Grayish Betta Issue? Topic: I was doing my weekly 100 percent water change and I had him in the container he came in while the water aged with water conditioner. betta fish colors fading Aug 18, 2010 Betta color fading slightly in Betta Fish forum Hey guys, i have had my betta for about a month now with no behavioral peoblems as of yet. (knock on wood)He is in a 10g with 4zebra Betta fish has lost color and is laying on his side Bettabetta 5 years ago. Ammonia is produced by fish waste and uneaten food that sinks, this then turns to nitrItes which like ammonia is highly toxic to fish. . this then turns to nitrAtes which is not harmful under 40ppm. . A fully cycled tank will read 0ppm Ammonia, 0ppm nitrites and under 40ppm

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