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2020-02-21 01:52

diffsofancy. diffsofancy strives to make your diff's human readable instead of machine readable. This helps improve code quality and help you spot defects faster. Screenshot. Vanilla git diff vs git and diffsofancy. Install. Installation is as simple as downloading the diffsogit diff show me line ending changes? Ask Question 60. 15. git config red reverse This might not work in all cases, however, as git doesn't appear to highlight trailing whitespace for removed lines. To see whitespace that you've deleted, simply use Git false positives after Ubuntu git diff color ubuntu

cat. gitconfig [color ui true I'm working on an ubuntu machine and I edited some code using VIM. After editing a file a execute git diff, once with and once without uitrue. Problem: in the first case I have M characters and the end of the edited lines. However, I don't see those when turning of color. ui or when looking with vim, cat

The default behaviour of git diff syntaxcolored, paged is very nice to work with, but it would be slightly nicer with line numbers for context, particularly for larger diffs, and especially fo Git Diff output to file preserve coloring. Ask Question 95. 21. git diff color. ansi2html. sh changes. html of course html can be viewed by any browser so output can be read in Windows etc. How to prevent cleaner from hanging my lock screen in Ubuntu 16. 04git diff color ubuntu git config global color. status. updated magenta git config global magenta git config global color. diff. old magenta You should look through the gitconfig manpage for all the different options, look for anything like color. . (where is a wildcard).

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diff color option was added to GNU diffutils 3. 4 ( ) This is the default diff implementation on most distros, which will soon be getting it. Ubuntu 18. 04 has diffutils 3. 6 and therefore has it. git diff color ubuntu 8. 1 Customizing Git Git Configuration. So far, weve covered the basics of how Git works and how to use it, and weve introduced a number of tools that Git provides to help you use it easily and efficiently. Git will detect these issues when you run a git diff command and try to color them so you can possibly fix them before you commit. git diff [options. . [ [ This is synonymous to the previous form. If on one side is omitted, it will have the same effect as using HEAD instead. git diff [options [ [ This form is to view the changes on the branch containing and up to the second, starting at a common ancestor of both. git diff AB is equivalent to The gitgui package has a citool extension for git that seems to have this sole goal in mind. sudo aptget install gitgui# make some changes in your branch git citool It is as ugly as sin in KDE though and there's no schmancy melddiff. git difftool slow on Ubuntu 23Jan2017, 12: 02 PM there is a 10second delay before the second file diff is shown. This delay occurs for all subsequent files. Operating System: Ubuntu LTS Kernel: Linux generic color. uiauto core. autocrlfinput diff. toolbc3 difftool. promptfalse

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