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2020-02-17 00:26

Quick Bay Facts. Bay is a dominant color. Coat color ranges from light brown to dark red. Mane, tail& points are always black. Can have white markings on head& legs. Along with dun, light bay was possibly a color found in ancestral horses.It creates a wild type bay which will have a black mane and tail like a regular bay. However, the black on its legs only extends as high as the pastern (ankle) and often the horse's red color is somewhat lighter. The wild bay pattern was widely believed to be the most dominant agouti allele. horse colors wild bay

Jul 01, 2013  Wild bay stops at the pastern. The tail looks like it could be gulastra plume. I'm not thinking silver since the mane doesn't appear to be affected at all,

Bay (horse) Bay is one of the most common coat colors in many horse breeds. The black areas of a bay horse's hair coat are called black points , and without them, a horse cannot be a bay. Black points may sometimes be covered by white markings; however such markings do not alter a horse's A bay is a red(ish) horse with a Black mane and tail and also black lower legs. They also have black ear tips meaning that the very tips of the ears will be black. The black areas of a bay horse are referred to a points . The bay horse's body will be the same color as the chestnuts above and can vary tohorse colors wild bay SANDY BAY& WILD BAY. The cremello gene only affects phaeomelanin, the red pigment, so the dark manes and tails of bays will not be affected by one copy of the Cr gene. The resulting color of buckskin will depend on the original bay coat and modifiers. Deeper red bays will produce richer colored

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After reading about the wild bay color I'm wondering if my little Arab gelding is a wild bay instead of a bay. Here is a picture of him. Thanks. horse colors wild bay

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