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16 rows  List of dams in the Colorado River system. Dams on tributaries are listed if they are taller than 250 ft (76 m), store more than 50, 000 acreft (62, 000 dam 3 ), or are otherwise historically notable. Tributary dams are organized into two lists; those in the Upper Basin, defined as the half of the Colorado River basin above Lee's Ferry, Arizona,This story map provides a tour of five major dams along the Lower Colorado River. Three of the dams (Hoover, Davis and Parker) are operated by the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation. Hoover, Davis and Parker Dams provide for storage and annual delivery of 9. 0 million acrefeet of water to users in Arizona, California, Nevada and Mexico. major dam on the colorado river

Dams of the Colorado River. Other large dams along the Colorado River include the Glen Canyon Dam as well as the Parker, Davis, Palo Verde and Imperial Dams. In addition to these large dams, some cities have aqueducts running to the Colorado River to further aid in maintaining their water supplies.

The dams can hold over four times the rivers annual flow and supply municipality and irrigation water while generating hydroelectricity. Main Dams Along the Colorado River Parker Dam. Parker Dam is an arched dam which crosses the river about 155 miles downstream of the Hoover Dam. Moddest Beginnings. growing interest in the river for hydroelectric irrigationmunicipal supplies created first opportunities for development. most of the plans were in the lower part of the river, and a major dam in S NevadaArizona was proposed in the 1920's.major dam on the colorado river Diversion Dams: Pursuant to the 1944 Treaty, Mexico constructed Morelos Dam in 1950 to divert its allotted water from the Colorado River to highly developed lands in the Mexicali Valley. This dam is owned and operated by Mexico under the supervision of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC).

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Feds Issue Permit for Large Dam on Colorado River Headwaters. The 400 million Chimney Hollow dam and reservoir is designed to firm water supply to around a dozen quickly growing communities in Colorados Front Range communities, north of Denver. In water parlance, firming refers to making a variable water supply secure. major dam on the colorado river

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