Uitableview set selected row color

2020-02-29 01:13

UITableView Selected Row Changes Subview Background Color. UITableView Cell selected Color? 1. Add subview when UITableView row is selected? 940. How to change Status Bar text color in iOS. 1403. Using Auto Layout in UITableView for dynamic cell layouts& variable row heights. 3.Nov 25, 2017 I have created a custom UITableViewCell. The table view is showing data fine. What I am stuck in is when user touches cell of tableview, then I want to show the background color of the cell other than the default [blue color values for highlighting the selection of cell. uitableview set selected row color

7 Answers. If you want the cell background color to continue to alternate, then you need to lie about how many rows are in the table. Specifically, in you need to always return a number that will fill the screen, and in return a blank cell for rows that are beyond the end

How To Handle Row Selection in UITableView. Simon Ng; 6th May '12; 90; Think about how you can alter the code (hint: the indexPath parameter contains the row number of the selected row) For now, when you select a row, that row will be highlighted in blue color. If you dont like it, try to add the following code to deselect the row. Swift 3. 0 extension. As per custom color for a selected cell in UITableView, great solution as per Maciej Swic's answer Just to add to that, you declare Swic's answer in the Cell configuration usually under: (UITableViewCell )tableView )indexPath And for an added effect,uitableview set selected row color Using Objective C, Change Selected Cell Background color other than defaults. No need to create custom cells. If you only want to change the selected color of the cell, you can do this, Be aware that for this to work, in the Storyboard (or XIB file) you must select a Selected Background colour

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UITableViewCell Selected Background Color on Multiple Selection. Ask Question 35. 10 For multiple selections you need to set the UITableView property to true. true. In case you subclassed the UITableViewCell, uitableview set selected row color In my CSS: fxbackgroundcolor: steelblue; fxtextfill: red! important; . property fxbackgroundcolor works fine, but fxtextfill does not. The text color of selected row is black (if TableView is not focused) or white (if TableView is focused). How To Set A Custom UITableViewCell Selection Style Color. Posted on July 9th, 2013. The storyboard only gives three options for the Selection color of a UITableViewCell: However, for my ShopLater app, I wanted the selected cell to be pink! Why only blue or gray? ! ! ! How can I set the the selected cel Stack Overflow. Log In Sign Up; current community. Stack Overflow help chat. Meta Stack Overflow your communities. Sign up or log in to customize your list. How to set the selected row of a tableView [duplicate Ask Question 1. Does anyone know how to change the background color of a cell using UITableViewCell, for each selected cell? I created this UITableViewCell inside the code for TableView.

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