High pressure sodium vs metal halide color

2020-02-21 03:03

The Mercury Content of all MH bulbs is higher than HPS: Metal Halide lamps (all) 3950W 110mg W 550mg W mg W mg High Pressure Sodium standard (nonECO) W 1050mg High Pressure Sodium ECO W 115mg High Pressure Sodium Plus ECO (30, 000 hour noncycling works on standard ballasts) WBoth Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs are part of the HID family of bulbs. The primary visual difference between them is that metal halide light is white and the light emitted from a High Pressure Sodium bulb is amber orange. high pressure sodium vs metal halide color

Lighting 101: LED vs Metal Halide& High Pressure Sodium. LEDs emit light with a 180degree spread, which is ideal for directional lighting the usual desire for illumination and doesnt require reflection and redirection, adding to its efficiency. LEDs produce no infrared or UV emissions and very little heat,

How can the answer be improved? The main noticeable difference between metal halide and high pressure sodium is the color of the light output. Metal Halide color temperature is normally above 4100K, which is in the spectrum of the white color temperature hues, whereas high pressure sodium is usually around 2100K2700K which is an amber or golden hue and towards the red color hues.high pressure sodium vs metal halide color Longevity. A typical high pressure sodium lamp will last longer than a metal halide lamp of similar wattage. A 250 watt high pressure sodium lamp can last from 12, 000 to 24, 000 hours. A 250 watt metal halide lamp will last from 10, 000 to 15, 000 hours.

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High pressure sodium vs Metal halide bulbs. Both bulbs have a relatively long lifespan, though a high pressure sodium bulb will last slightly longer, up to 6 to 18 months at a usage rate of 12 hours per day (2 to 6. 5 thousand hours total), while a metal halide bulb will last for 6 high pressure sodium vs metal halide color Jan 18, 2008  Metal Halide has good color rendering and work indoors or outdoors. High pressure Sodium have poor color rendering and can be used indoors and outdoors but are usually found in parking lots ect. Low pressure sodium have awful color rendering, can

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