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Blade Types. Spinnerbait blades come in a variety of blade types. Today we'll just discuss the most common: Single spinnerbaits (one blade) are the most common and versatile. They can be fished deep, shallow, and with a variety of retrieves (stopandgo, straight, helicoptered, fluttered, YoYo).A spinnerbait's skirt is what gives the lure its profile in the water. Skirts come in an array of color patterns and a few different materials. For bass and panfish spinnerbaits, multistrand, silicone skirts are quite popular. This material is extremely subtle underwater, giving the body a pulsating, swimming action. spinnerbait colors guide

Aug 22, 2012 Solid colors like bubble gum or chartreuse that are interesting in silhouette may look phony on the bottom. But over a dark bottom, a bass may, for example, notice and approach a pumpkinseedcolor spinnerbait with a chartreuse trailer.

Selecting The Proper Spinnerbait. Develop a simple checklist for choosing the appropriate bait. Determine such factors as depth, water clarity, retrieval speed, etc and determine which configuration and size best suites your needs. By doing so, you will greatly increase the This spinnerbait is designed well enough. It is minor and thin and this makes it flicker well on pause. The skirt pulses and breaths on a firm retrieval on active plea. The emerald color has been a minute active. One of the most important parts of a spinnerbait is the arm and the hook combination.spinnerbait colors guide Apr 18, 2008 But you need the right colors to get the bass to eat it. It usually comes back to the skirt. The Hibdons designed a series of skirtmaking kits for Skirts Plus of Savage, Minn. , called Hibdon's Classic Kits, with complete materials and tools for making jig and spinnerbait skirts.

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There is a lot more to a spinnerbait than color and blades. Do you know what you should to catch more bass on spinnerbaits? Home; Fishing Tips The spinnerbait remains one of bass fishings most well known lures, but has lost popularity over the years. A Beginners Guide to Paddle Tail Swimbaits spinnerbait colors guide Mar 15, 2018 Often we get asked what colors of spinnerbaits we like best in different water colors and what Skip navigation Sign in. Search. In Depth Guide Duration: 37: 06. 5. When choosing sizes and colors don't forget to match the hatch whenever possible. This is especially important when choosing skirt size and color. 6. Use plastic or pork trailers when you want more bulk. Be aware, however, that trailers will lift spinnerbaits during the retrieve. 7. Jun 06, 2004  Spinnerbait color. I would say though, black, blue, purple, gold (chartruse), many of these colors may been seen by bass as a flash of sunfish, crappie, perch, which may make the jig an effective baitfish imitator in dark colors, depending on trailer selection. Spinnerbait Blade Colors There are hundreds of colors out there, but once again its important to simplify your choices. Once you understand the basic fundamentals of how blade colors work, you can expand into your own personal color combinations.

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