Venus a cat with rare chimera coloring

2020-02-21 02:07

Some cats (like Venus), likely got their coloring as a result of a genetic phenomenon called Xinactivation. The only way to tell if a cat is a chimera (by the true scientific definition of the word) it to conduct genetic testing.Chocolate color is rare in Persians. Let this gallery show you how beautiful these kittens can be whether they are solids, torties, tabbies or calicos. Venus, a Chimera Cat, Has Two Different Colored Halves to Her Face What an interesting and beautiful cat! : ) See more. Adorable Kittens and Puppies Photography for Productivity venus a cat with rare chimera coloring

Jul 08, 2014  Photograph shows a halfblack, halftabby 'chimera cat Photograph shows a halfblack, halftabby 'chimera cat Origins: The cat shown in the image displayed above is named Venus

Meet Venus, a striking chimera cat with a beautiful twotoned face. Her rare coloring has made her an internet star! Venus the Chimera Cats Facebook page and Instagram via [Lost at E Minor Venus the twofaced cat is currently the most famous feline on the Many reports about Venus refer to the cat as a chimera. In mythology, a chimera is a mishmash monster made up of parts ofvenus a cat with rare chimera coloring The internet was taken a storm when Venus came out and made herself into a famous little kitty. You have most likely seen a photo of her photo, but what makes one side of her face different from the other like that? And her eyes! ? This is called a chimera cat and it actually is not as rare

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Venus the Chimera Cat Is Probably Not a Real Chimera In a cat, one gene for fur color is located on the X chromosome. its presumably quite rare. Its not something that happens in venus a cat with rare chimera coloring Its just the random chance of pattern. Normally the whole cat will be mottled in color, but by random chance the cells that carry each color happened happened to align themselves perfectly on the face. It would be extremely rare, if not impossible, for the cells to align perfectly down the whole body. The Genetics Behind Venus, the Mysterious TwoFaced Cat extremely rare, she said. Venus is not necessarily a chimera, or an animal whose cells contain two sets of DNA caused when two Yes, this is a real cat. Venus has chimera coloring, which is rare and freakin amazing! No Photoshop Necessary: 16 Unbelievable, but Completely Real, Pictures These 23 Photos Look Like They've Been Photoshopped, But They Are Completely Real. Aww, thats cute!

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